Turning ambitions into achievements

Delivery, excellence and innovation are in our DNA.

We steer your business through change.

About US

We are passionate about transformative enterprise solutions and intelligent design and are out to reshape the way people interact with technology. AI, Data Analytic, and software together bring collaborative tools that are re-writing what is possible in the world of business decision making, marketing, sales, operations, and customer analytics.

Coming from a Microsoft background, our executive team bring that same level of innovation, quality, and vision to the modern Intelligent Business Environment. By emphasizing sustainable innovations in AI and data analytics to maximizes workplace experience, productivity in a fast-changing digital world of its customers.

We believe that ambitious ideas − together with the will to make them real − have the power to change anything and everything. Everyday, we strive to bring our clients a step closer to turning their ambitious ideas into achievements.

Our purpose – Making a difference

Our purpose is to embrace the spirit of ambitious imaginations. Coming from values deeply rooted in – optimism, inclusion and adventure. These become our ethos, the steam that keep us going and grounded ensuring we are a ‘humanity first’ enterprise even as we innovate and together build to surpass our customers boldest ideas.

Service is not what we do, it’s who we are

We’re passionate about keeping our clients at the centre of everything we do, and differentiating ourselves through a superior client experience. We achieve this by delivering ICT solutions and services that deliver real business value to our clients and enable, operate, and transform their businesses.

People who make it happen

Our people are the best at what they do. Their commitment to building relationships with our clients, determination to deliver, and pride in results are hallmarks of our business. We’re joined together by our winning, performance-based culture. We believe that when we apply our energy and focus, anything is possible.

How We Help Our Customers

We understand that every business has unique data and digital needs, but they have common challenges when it comes to technology adoption. You are not alone. VSS provides tailored solutions to help each business to overcome their digital problems, all the way from ideation, assessment, deployment, to managed services and ongoing support.

We help medium to large size companies with end to end strategy, support as well as consultative services

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